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frequently asked questions

what is a sorority and/or fraternity?
what is a sorority and/or fraternity?

A sorority or fraternity is an organization formed by individuals with similar aspiration and goals looking for a lifelong tie. There are many varieties, such as social, professional, or philanthropic. These communities help students achieve skills in community service, interpersonal networking, and long-lasting bonds, Sororities and fraternities give you the chance to explore new relationships and new opportunities found nowhere else. 

how is phi gamma chi different from other sororities?
how is phi gamma chi different from other sororities?

We are a unique sorority. Our main focus is to be a multicultural, business-oriented, and community serviced based organization. We are local, meaning that are have tighter connections and closer bonds between our sisters. These relationships help create a large network that can be utilized during and after college to aid each Sister on her road to growth, both in her educational and professional career. Therefore, we are also open to all students in all areas of study. We also pride ourselves on being compromised of women who come from many different ethnic, class, social, and professional backgrounds. 

how long has phi gamma chi been around?

Our sorority was first established at Sacramento State University in 1993. Later, in 1995, the Beta Chapter was established here at San Francisco State University. 

how is phi gamma chi different from other sororities?
how is phi gamma chi different from other sororities?

Rushing is a process organized by Greek organizations to provide a series of "Get to Know You" events at the beginning of each semester. This process allows individuals to explore the different organization on campus, see what each has to offer, and participate in their rush events. This is a time where you can also become acquainted with each organizations' members and find out what benefits can be obtained by joining their organization. 

how is phi gamma chi different from other sororities?

All of Phi Gamma Chi's Rush events are free of charge. We also provide transportation to and from each event as needed. The pledge process fee is $100.00 with monthly dues of $35.00 while SFSU is in session. The cost applies to all activities and events that you engage in during the pledge process. 

what is pledging?

Pledging is a process that Greek organizations conduct to prepare each potential sister or brother to join their organization. Each interesting individual is required to participate in pledge events and activities throughout several weeks in order to become a member. 

how long is the pledge process?

In Phi Gamma Chi, the length of each pledge process is determined by the progress of you and your pledge class. Your efforts will define the time it takes for your class to achieve sisterhood among the women you will be working with. 

what happens during pledging?

Due to traditions that we hold dear and sacred, we cannot reveal any pledge activities until the pledge process begins. However, if you decide to pledge for Phi Gamma Chi, you will experience Stability, Survival and Sisterhood with other individuals. You will establish relationships that will follow you long after your college experience.

does phi gamma chi haze?

Absolutely not. We do not engage in nor do we promote hazing. 

alright, i'm interested in joining. where do i begin?

Start by coming to our Rush Events at the beginning of the semester! You'll be able to meet sisters and see if we're a good match for you, as well as learn more about moving forward with our organization.