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the history of phi gamma chi

Established on October 8, 1993, on the campus of California State University, Sacramento, Phi Gamma Chi, Alpha Chapter, became a reality for ten women who recognized the necessity of female support in a multicultural environment. The Founding Mothers of Phi Gamma Chi felt that this type of support was an important factor in exploring and understanding the unlimited roles that women of different ethnic backgrounds experience.

On October 7, 1995, ten women attending San Francisco State University realized the same need for a support network and became Founding Sisters of Phi Gamma Chi's Beta Chapter.

Currently we have over 200 members in our sisterhood and we are proud of our diverse and strong ethnic strengths. With over 25 different backgrounds, we try to incorporate the ideas, beliefs, and values of each sister so that it reflects in the sorority's image. The sisters of Phi Gamma Chi have high hopes that with each class and chapter, we will continue to grow in both depth and integrity.

We are dedicated to improving the roles of all women in American society. With professional goals, Phi Gamma Chi's primary focus is to form a communication network that will serve as a valuable resource to other aspiring women. Women have had to face many obstacles and Phi Gamma Chi is committed to strengthening our sisterhood by providing prospective members with a foundation so that they can have a better understanding of self and an insight to who they can become. It is our belief that there are no limitations to what can be achieved.

Not only does Phi Gamma Chi recognize the need for a support network among females but we also recognize the importance of sharing our support with the community. In order to function as stable women in society, helping others is a goal for the organization itself.

The sisters of Phi Gamma Chi are united and prepared to support its community but most of all each other. The sorority maintains focus on the attributes of Stability, Survival, and Sisterhood in order to achieve success within the individual organization and community.